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Product Features

Manage your media, collect feedback, and track reviews in progress


Media management

Create project folders and upload all your Video, Image, PDF and Audio Files for review.


Share for review

Share to collaborators privately by email or as a public URL so they can add their feedback.


Track progress

Track the Review Status through feedback cycles, approvals and final delivery.


Comments become tasks

Feedback instantly becomes tasks that can be checked off as edits get completed.


Side by side comparison

Compare versions and feedback against each other side by side. 


Version control

Get feedback on the right version and easily toggle between prior versions.

Reviewing creative work should be the easy part.

Wipster provides a frictionless user experience for reviewers (even technophobes!) with instant access and easy commenting, from anywhere in the world.


Simple click to comment

Its that easy! Pinpoint annotations and frame-accurate conversations directly on the media.

Finish status

Reviewers can let you know when they have finished reviewing. This feeds back to your Project Views.

Full-Featured Mobile Experience

Share projects, collect feedback and get approval from anywhere.

 No app downloads, no training required - your entire review process is available from any mobile web browser.

Multiple reviews one link

Send a collection of media to be reviewed together. Collaborators can cycle through the media and mark them complete as they finish reviewing.

Feature rich video review

Best-in-class encoding, browser-based video playback, Closed Captions, variable playback speed, and much more.


Keep up to date with new comments and team activity with notifications.


You can rely on Wipster’s secure video cloud to take care of your sensitive content.

SSO user/team setup

Set up multiple teams and provision users, external agencies and freelancers.

Open Access API

Work with our developers to integrate Wipster into your stack, including ingest, delivery and MAM.

We play nicely with others.

Wipster integrates seamlessly with the collaboration tools you use most.

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