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Centralized, easy to use content hub


Manage video feedback for multiple clients with Wipster’s centralized video feedback hub.

Wipster integrations


Wipster integrates with the tools you use the most. Save time on logistics and spend more time creating.

wipster multi-team


Multi-team management ensures your video projects are seen by the right clients.

wipster side by side versioning


Get feedback on the right version and easily toggle between prior versions with Wipster.



Learn how the creative agencies and video production houses use Wipster to save money, and keep their customers happy.


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Reliable video software built for speed.


Designed to save creative teams time and money on their video projects.

wipster mobile devices


Access your media and reviews on any device at any time, web based review available on all devices.

wipster collaboration


Wipster provides a frictionless user experience for clients and creatives from anywhere in the world.

wipster reviews


Keep up to date with new comments and team activity with notifications.

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