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Wipster vs Ziflow: Point-by-Point Comparison


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Ziflow Standard Plan Wipster Team Plan
Monthly Price starts at
$ 199
starts at
$ 25
Closed Caption Support
Wipster allows you to upload multiple caption files in .srt or .vtt files on any video asset.
Intuitive Version Comparison
Easily compare different versions and their annotations, across any asset type (Video, Image, and PDF).
No Account Required for Reviewers
Wipster allows your reviewers to access reviews and provide feedback without creating an account, logging in, or downloading an app - one click and they're in!
Native, on-frame commenting
Comment right where it matters - in the reviewable content itself.
Protect any shared assets with a custom passphrase
Support for multiple file types
Media management and shared workspaces
Adobe Creative Cloud integration
Approval Workflows
Manage approval and review status

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How Lull halved the time taken in the creative review process using Wipster.

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How the University of Oklahoma media team uses Wipster to provide a professional experience for their faculty stakeholders

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