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Dropbox partners with Wipster

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Why did Wipster partner With Dropbox? 

Dropbox is a leading, connected workspace that allows you to bring your teams, content, and tools together. Media and creative teams rely on Dropbox to stay in sync and deliver content, so we knew our joint users would benefit from a deep integration with Wipster. 




How does it work?

Once you’re done editing and the content is ready for review, you can import your Dropbox content directly into Wipster to kickstart the review and approval processes with your team. Once you’ve completed the review cycle, upload files back to Dropbox. Voila, a seamless workflow between Dropbox and Wipster, allowing you to produce creative work faster (and with more joy). 


Who needs this? 

Companies with creative teams delivering content-intensive projects that involve multiple creatives, project managers, stakeholders, and approvers will benefit from this integration with Dropbox. 


How to get it

If you are a current Wipster customer, you can access this integration for free from our integrations page within the app. Once you click on Dropbox, authenticate access to your Dropbox account so you can send your Dropbox files from Wipster, back to Dropbox.

Meet the New Project Library - Recorded Webinar

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