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Working with Wipster has been a breath of fresh air. It has completely changed the way we operate.
Caitlin Conklin AON
Caitlin Conkin

Save your inbox, use Wipster

Getting a complex creative project over the line can be tricky, with feedback coming back through a range of channels, and critical updates sometimes getting buried in the pile. 

Wipster's powerful video proofing tools ensure that stakeholders get exactly what they want, and content producers don't get any surprises.

Unlimited reviewers provide laser-focused feedback all in one place, and Wipster syncs that feedback with your existing collaboration and creation software to get you to your best final draft, faster.


Stress free reviewing

Creatives need stakeholder approval to move projects to the next stage.  Reviewers need an easy and frictionless user experience to provide feedback quickly and efficiently. 

Wipster brings stakeholders seamlessly into the creative review process with:

  • No downloading of software or plugins

  • No reviewer login or software expertise required

  • Mobile capability to provide feedback on-the-go from any device

With the agile and customizable capability for multiple tiers of review, stakeholders collaborate, comment, review and approve, all in one place.

Collaboration any time, any place

Gone are the days of synchronous review, where all your stakeholders could get in a room and approve content together in real time.

Wipster supports global teams across time zones with asynchronous review.  Get your whole team heard, and review your work collaboratively in a virtual space, around the clock. 

Feedback threads facilitate conversations, and tasks and notifications keep everyone on the same page.



Available on Mobile now! Just follow any shared review link to try it out.



You take your security seriously.  We do, too. 

Learn how Wipster is working to keep your best ideas safe.

Security Features

Review doesn't happen on its own.  And no one wants to spend their whole day creating in a content platform like Adobe Premiere, only to log out and find a frame note in another piece of software.  Learn how Wipster eliminates the middle-man and syncs seamlessly with the media, storage and collaboration tools that you use most.


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