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Explore how brands, agencies and creative production houses use Wipster to streamline video review and approval processes for their teams.


How can you put Wipster to work in your business?  

Here are just some of the ways the world's best creative teams are using our end-to-end video workflow project management platform to get to their best final drafts, faster.


LEAP Spark

Wipster helps LEAP Spark get more accurate feedback from clients, reduce headaches and finish creative projects sooner.

“We use Wipster for all our internal revisions and get really specific in our feedback, the way creatives like to. It greatly improves our ability to have a remote work environment. Wipster also serves as a database for all of our rough and final drafts, so when a client comes back two years later asking for a file that they lost, it's usually easier to find the final version on Wipster than it is to dig through our project-archives.” That’s the kind of experience that will keep a client coming back time and time again!

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Les Mills

Les Mills uses Wipster to create bespoke fitness programs that get people moving

Not only has Wipster helped them manage their video content stress-free, it’s also transformed the way they work - their workflow is now anchored around using Wipster’s seamless review and approval tools.

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Lull Mattresses

Wipster assists Lull's go to market strategy helping create engaging video with seamless collaboration.

Bill Kiley Sr., Creative Manager at Lull explains, “While our Lull headquarters is in Santa Barbara, our marketing director lived in Los Angeles. She would often commute, but would also work from home. We needed a reliable way to show her new ad creative and get her approval on the days when she wasn’t physically in the office.”

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iFIT Health and Fitness

How Wipster helps iFIT create dynamic and accessible video transporting users all over the world

Head of Marketing Post-Production at iFIT, Ryan Humpherys, says that video marketing has never been more prevalent or important for engagement with your customer. “We’re continuing to evolve with the demand for video, and there are more options than ever to create engaging content and marketing pieces that will give us a return and grow our business.”

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Featured Case Study

Learn how multi-national professional services firm, AON, is using Wipster to eliminate frustration and headaches across time zones.

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AON Case Study Using Wipster

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