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Engage Before You Educate

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How every video is the chance to delight

Some video projects just don’t feel... fun. Sure, they’re super important to your client because they pass on much needed information to their customers, but often they just end up uninspired, formulaic and bogged down with education.

How-to’s, explainers, training and safety videos can all suffer under the weight of the information they are expected to impart - but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Join this Wipster and Demo Duck webinar as we discuss how to take advantage of the opportunities in ‘boring’ projects, and make them engaging and valuable for both your client AND you.

Rollo Wenlock of Wipster and Andrew Follett of Demo Duck will share their knowledge and experience with this one hour webinar, and help you walk away with knowing exactly how to add ‘delight’ as an integral part of every video you make.

Ask the speakers questions, chat with other video makers, and be a part of Wipsters ongoing webinar series. There will also be prizes to giveaway to live viewers on the day.

Creative directors, producers, account managers, founders, editors - anyone who runs their own production company or is passionate about creating successful videos for business - this webinar is for you!

Numbers are limited, so register today and join us on the 8th of September 1PM [PDT] (3pm CDT, 4pm EDT) for this special event.


Edit: The webinar has passed and was great! Thanks to everyone who joined us on the day. You can watch the recording here.

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