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Learn from the experts on all things video: Introducing #WIPChats

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First session - Motion Graphics – May 20th, 6pm PT 9pm ET

We’re kicking off a series of Twitter chat sessions around anything and everything to do with the wild world of video!

First things first
Go follow us on Twitter @wipsters, if you’re not already doing so!


  • At the scheduled Date & Time, we kick off the session using our account
  • After a round of introductions, we ask a question in the following format:
    “Q1: Why did the chicken cross the road? #wipchats”
  • Our expert guests, and anyone who wants to join in, respond in the following format:
    “A1: To get to the other side! #wipchats”

Make sure to include #wipchats with each of your answers, so that everyone can find your tweets in the stream. Easy, no?

Session No. 1
May 20th, 6pm PT | 9pm ET
Interested in learning more about the world of Motion Graphics? Well you’re in luck, as our first session will be focusing on just that!

Joining us will be expert guests Justin Cone and Joey Trimmer, of F5 and Notion Studios. They’ll be providing their insight over the course of our hour-long chat session, as we dive into finding work, the challenges along the way, and excelling in the field!

How can you participate? Just follow @wipsters and participate in the chat using the hashtag #WIPChats.

Have a question or topic you’d love to see covered during #WIPChats? Drop us a line on Twitter, or leave a comment down below!

- The Wipster Team

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