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Seamless Review and Approval Just Got an Update

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We’re excited to announce our Mobile Review beta is live and available for all reviewers following review share links on mobile devices!

Getting your creative project reviewed and approved by the decision-makers doesn’t have to be the worst part of your job! We know it’s crucial that their reviewing experience is simple and intuitive - the quicker and clearer the feedback is, the faster you’re on to the next version. And with today’s updates to Wipster’s Mobile Review experience, now it’s even easier to collaborate.

Revamped look and feel

Your mobile browser experience just got a serious makeover! It’s slicker, faster, and more intuitive. Buttery smooth panning, zooming and reactive swiping on images, videos and PDFs makes reviewing a breeze, even for the most tech-challenged!

Reviewers can now also view AND comment on videos in full screen, as well as skip forward or back 10 seconds at a time for pinpointed feedback. 

Wipster Mobile Review Screens

PDFs and audio got a refresh too! Dynamic resizing means PDFs remain sharp while zooming in, and new continuous scrolling captures feedback in one fell swoop. Audio gets a 10 second skip function too, making podcast reviews even quicker.

Did we mention dark mode?

Yep, now you can live your best dark mode life. No more bleary eyes for last minute late-night reviewing!

Review and approval no matter where they are

Is one of your key-decision makers climbing Everest but you NEED them to give feedback before the weekend? As long as they have an internet connection and a smartphone they can comment seamlessly on your asset, let you know they’ve finished, and quickly provide the approval you need - all thanks to our updated commenting and sharing features!

Matt Wiebe, Producer at Shopify:
“Since [using] Wipster it’s been easier for everyone. It's easier to give feedback, and for us, it's easier to receive that feedback and incorporate it. I don't think there is a learning curve with using Wipster. Everyone we’ve sent the link to instantly figures out how to start using it. It couldn’t be more user-friendly and intuitive.”

Accurate feedback is an absolute must for seamless review, and reviewers can now @ team members and edit comments - perfect for getting the next to-do done right.

The new Mobile Review experience has been rolled out to all share types  - preview, review and approval, download, and multi-shares. Reviewers on your team can now also login via socials, like Facebook or Google. And for our Enterprise customers - SSO is enabled on mobile too!

More to come - help us shape the future of Wipster!

While we’re super excited to share this new Mobile Review experience and we’re sure you and your reviewers will love the changes, we want to fine-tune it until it sings. That’s where you come in! This first Mobile Review experience release is in “beta” mode for ALL reviewing users RIGHT NOW, and we’d love your feedback.

If you use Wipster on mobile for reviewing content and have any feedback, queries, or recommendations, you can send us a message in-app! If you'd prefer to reach out over email you can do that too using

While we’re focusing on the reviewer experience in this iteration, we’ll be extending the beta to administrators in the new year, and you can help us shape the future of the Wipster user experience.

Want more info about our new mobile review experience?

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers on our Mobile Review Beta FAQ page. Have any questions about how these new features may affect your reviewers? Want some one-on-one training for your team?  Contact our team and we’ll help you out.

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