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Wipster meets Slack: a perfect match

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When it comes to productivity and collaboration, Slack is a bona fide hero. Its real-time team messaging makes work life so much simpler, far more fun, and infinitely more productive.

But you can never have enough collaboration and productivity, right?

Meet Wipster, an intuitive platform that takes the quagmire of reviewing and approving a video project and makes it an absolute breeze. Wipster lets you upload your latest edit, share it with clients and colleagues, and have frame-accurate conversations directly on the video. There’s also version tracking, automated to-do lists, team-only commenting, and super-simple delivery of final files.

If you like Slack, you’ll love Wipster.

Wipster’s new integration with Slack will streamline your workflow even more. Now you can get your Wipster notifications directly in your team Slack channel, making it super-easy for the whole team to instantly see where a review is at – it’s a dream come true for creative directors and project managers who need to keep their finger on the pulse without getting into the nitty-gritty of each review. 

Advanced notification settings let you choose exactly what activity you see in Slack, and in a single click you can jump straight to the frame on Wipster to join the discussion.   

Our top-tier video collaboration platform meets the world’s best messaging app – it’s a perfect match.

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