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Introducing the New Wipster Mobile Experience

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Our latest mobile experience is now ready for your reviews on-the-go.

Here’s the video you’ve been asked to review... Now you can simply open it in any browser, on any mobile device - no app or file downloads required. The new interface is simple and intuitive -our review tool works just like any video player.



Familiar Interface
  • All of the tools right where you'd expect them - an interface that is simple and familiar for all reviewers.
  • A complete 'tap-to-interact' experience from start to finish. No complicated menus or commands means no training required.
    Sequence 02_1
  • A complete browser-based experience allows anyone to get to work on projects from a link. No app or file downloads necessary.


Tap to Comment
  • IMPROVED - Tap anywhere on any frame, at any timemarker, or on any image or document to add a relevant comment. 

  • NEW - See everyone's comments all together with your visual reference right there. Color-coded markers make it easy to see who's said what.
  • Mayo-mobile-7
  • See where comments are throughout the timeline with color-coded markers to jump right to the conversations.
  • IMPROVED - Automatic email notifications to keep you and your team up to date with what's been done and what needs to happen next.
Review at Your Speed
  • NEW - Fast forward and rewind at your choice of speed. 
    Tap once to go forward or back frame by frame or hold them down to speed up. Viewing details and breezing through your reviews is now easier than ever.

Customizable Playback
  • If you need to hone in the details or just need to see the big picture, you can select playback speed that works best for your workflow.Mayo-mobile-2

  • Create and tag comments to let everyone know what's next.
  • Sign off on reviews to keep your team confident and moving forward.
  • Deliver your media straight from Wipster mobile. With your content in the cloud, you can share your work files with anyone in just a few taps.
  • Notifications keep everyone in sync. From new feedback to approval, everyone stays informed automatically.




Try it now

... your team will love you for it :)

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers on our Mobile Review Beta FAQ.  Have any questions about how these new features may affect your reviewers? Want some one-on-one training for your team?  Contact our team and we’ll help you out.

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