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Eliminating Frustration & Headaches Across Time Zones: AON and Wipster

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Forget the complicated emails and long voicemails, now creative teams can communicate effectively and efficiently from anywhere.

Since 1982, Fortune 500 professional services firm Aon has been empowering clients to secure a better future with innovative risk, retirement and health solutions. They have more than 50,000 employees spread out across 120 countries and serve corporate and individual clients. They are known for keeping their promises and helping their clients achieve greater success. 

But, as most service and results-driven companies do, Aon is continually looking for ways to boost productivity and improve overall performance. This includes one of their top service offerings EquiTV, a subscription-based online portal for customized and educational videos. For example, an Aon client might work with the company to create a video about employee health and retirement benefits. These videos are a visual and engaging way for Aon’s clients to communicate with their employees and help them understand important benefits or company issues.

Aon’s creative team works closely with each client to develop videos that are customized to the company’s brand standards and messaging.  As you can imagine, it takes a lot of communicating back and forth to get it just right. Add different languages and time zones to the mix and the editing process gets even more complicated. 

Aon’s five person creative team is located in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and the Philippines, with clients all over the world. They began with producing 36 videos per month and will close out the year creating nearly 100 videos each month. With a 12-hour time difference between Philadelphia and the Philippines, they were working odd, challenging hours. They used Slack and Zoom to connect, but international calls and texts were quickly adding to costs, as well as increasing stress and pressure.

Enter Wipster, an intuitive and easy-to-use video project management tool. The platform has allowed Aon’s creative team to save hundreds of hours, reduced headaches and unnecessary confusion, and has greatly improved the client experience. 

Now, it’s easy for the team to get up to speed on every project with time stamped comments, the ability to upload new versions on top of the previous one, and side-by-side comparison to make sure everything is captured in a meaningful and accurate way. Plus, Wipster has allowed for more normalcy as team members can make edits durings typical working hours.

Now Aon and clients can work together faster and easier than ever before: 

  • Able to create videos at scale

  • Receive accurate and timestamped edits and comments 

  • Easily track and manage different versions of the project

  • Intuitive interface that anyone in an organization can use

  • Faster review and approval

  • A more efficient experience leading to higher client satisfaction 

“Working with Wipster has been a breath of fresh air. It has completely changed the way we operate. Not only have we saved hours of time, the frustration felt by both us and our clients has been greatly reduced. It’s just a better way of working together when you can’t be in the same room or even the same time zone. No more digging through old emails and files. Wipster is a lifesaver and a tool I can’t imagine not having now, “ said Caitlin Conklin, an Aon communication consultant. “Even if you don’t have team members all around the world, Wipster is the perfect management tool and makes projects easier to manage and dare I say, more fun.” 

Aon continues to grow and is adding team members in Australia and Europe. When it comes to collaboration, though, location isn’t a factor when Wipster is involved. The platform will continue to help Aon and their creative teams develop compelling, customized and professional videos on track and on time. 

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