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Ditching email for video collaboration with Alister Robbie

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If you listed resilient technologies, email would be right there at the top. And sure, for certain things, email is great. Who doesn’t want a project proposal from a great client in their inbox at the beginning of the week? But for collaboration, and especially video collaboration, managing email threads can be a full-time job in itself. At the Melbourne-based Post Project, much of their work is international, which makes clear communication at every point of the process even more vital. That’s why filmmaker Alister Robbie uses Wipster to do the heavy lifting when it comes to client communication. Wipster is, Robbie says, “the key, the glue that binds everything together.”

We had the opportunity to speak with Robbie about his video business and workflow when he visited our Portland headquarters this winter. Check out the video below!

It is an amazing tool for helping to collate different notes from different feedback groups, and bring it all together in one place in a way that is very simple for them to access, and makes it very logical on my end.
— Alister Robbie

Effective collaboration tools keep things simple for those he’s working with, as well as a client review tool that keeps things simple for those who aren’t professional content creators. “I have my production team that I work with, and they like using Wipster because it's simple… but my clients love it because they're not video people, they’re a marketing manager or a communications manager. Wipster has been really cool allowing them to do as much as they need to,” without them needing to know the ins and outs of the video production process.

I’ve come from years of using email for review and having mountains of overlapping emails.
— Alister Robbie

The ability for his clients to work out what they want while Alister is sleeping half-way across the world, and then hit the edit the next day when the goals have been clarified cuts out all the back and forth. “when I had time to go back and sit in front of the edit, I knew exactly what I needed to do.”

Keeping things simple for the client has even increased the amount of business Robbie is getting from certain clients because of how easy it makes working with them. “I have found clients that actually have increased the amount of business they're doing with me because they enjoy the collaboration. I'm doing a lot to try and simplify that process so that they can just think about their business’ needs and goals.”

Huge thanks to Alister Robbie taking the time to speak with us. Find more on Alister and his work at The Post Project.

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