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eLearning provider AGuyIKnow saves ‘significant time’ using Wipster’s review & approval solution

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E-Learning solution provider AGuyIKnow was established by Englishman Graham Hall back in 2015.  At that time, Graham developed engaging e-learning content but was struggling to keep up with demand. He saw an opportunity to utilize best of breed industry tools to streamline the development process of interactive content.


“Even though the software and delivery platforms have changed over the years for learning content, the requirement to undergo formal reviews before publishing is still a key part of the process. We want to enable all those involved in the process - both clients and our development team - to work together as efficiently as possible, and reduce the unnecessary back and forth .”  


AGuyIKnow creates explainer videos, quick reference guides, e-learning and other digital leaving assets for a bunch of the big names in Australia, with clients including Coles, St Johns Ambulance, University of Western Australia, Synergy, Water Corporation, and many more.


The business has grown to over 50 staff, across Asia Pacific with HQ in Perth.  And with clients across different Australian locales and time zones, collaborating on content was tough.  “Content reviews used to be a friggin’ nightmare; they’d be emails back and forth of word and excel documents with screen shots. Interpreting the feedback was always a challenge.”  


“We knew there must be a better way, so did some research and found a tool that provided exactly what we were looking for - 'Wipster’.  We needed a solution that focuses on video, but also enables collaboration on other file types like PDFs and images.  And it helps that it integrates with Adobe’s Creative Cloud (After Effects & Premiere Pro) and Slack which we are heavy users of.”


We embedded Wipster into our processes, so our clients know when to review content on Wipster or in situ in our primary Learning Development tool  - Articulate. 


“Our clients love it.  We send them the links and even clients whose IT systems are locked down, they can still view the videos. It’s so simple to add comments, so we get accurate and quick feedback which we can then check off and compare versions.  And with a remote team, it makes it easy to coordinate all feedback in one place.  It all adds up to a significant time saving - it really makes such a difference to us.”


Graham’s advice to other similar businesses who are grappling with the rising use of video?  “You can’t afford not to have a tool like Wipster”.


If you’re interested in finding out more about how Wipster can help your business bring video-led creative to life quickly & painlessly, then get in touch with one of our collaboration consultants for a no obligation chat.  And if you’re looking for top-notch interactive training content, get in touch with Graham.

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