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How Wipster helps iFIT create dynamic and accessible video transporting users all over the world

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Imagine waking up one morning, tying up your sneakers, and running through cherry-blossom trees and temples in Kyoto. The next morning, you’re cycling through vineyards in Italy. Later that night you join a yoga class with a trainer helping you move through the positions - all from the comfort of your own home! 


In a post-pandemic world, where travel and accessibility have never been so difficult, iFIT is revolutionising fitness and wellbeing through interactive, multi-sensory video fitness experiences that bring the outside indoors. This connected fitness experience has been an overwhelming success - iFIT boasts 6.4+ million members, 180+ world-class trainers, and over 140 Million workouts were streamed in 2021! This is fitness on a global scale.

Creating video workout content on this scale is its own behemoth task - now imagine that content being interactive, remotely controllable by trainers, and on-demand to over six million members worldwide. Not only that, but iFIT goes the extra mile for a truly unique workout experience - they shoot on location in over 50 countries, with Emmy award-winning talent and directors on the crew. And that doesn’t count their social media videos, trainer videos, or national television commercials! 

Head of Marketing Post-Production at iFIT, Ryan Humpherys, says that video marketing has never been more prevalent or important for engagement with your customer. “We’re continuing to evolve with the demand for video, and there are more options than ever to create engaging content and marketing pieces that will give us a return and grow our business.”


“We create all sorts of videos— from smaller influencer social content to massive national TV commercials. Within my team, we identify the opportunities and gaps in our marketing, create a campaign, then manage it from pre-production to production, to post-production and then delivery.”

Collaborating on hundreds of videos a year is no small feat and requires a workflow that allows iFIT to manage production at scale. Ryan and his team need it to be quick, intuitive, and allow for multiple contributors to provide pin-point feedback. 

“In the past we used another video review tool, but it was clunky, slow and didn't allow for a lot of quick collaboration. If you’re grappling with the rise of video content, you absolutely need a quick and easy way to receive feedback on your videos.”

Thanks to a recommendation from a co-worker Ryan checked out Wipster, and seven years later he and his team still use Wipster's easy-to-use and frictionless video workflow solution.


“Wipster is a crucial tool for me and my team at iFIT. We can quickly share a review link and get feedback we need to continue with the hundreds of videos we produce each year. Wipster keeps us organized and focused on getting high-quality videos out the door fast.”

Wipster was the missing piece for iFIT’s video production team, could it be the final piece of your content workflow puzzle too? 

Start a free trial today, or better yet, reach out for a demo! Contact the Wipster team and take your video content workflow to the next level.  Email us at 

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