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How Wipster helps video production house Astery turn content around within 24 hours of filming

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Luke Sibbald-Dale founded Astery in London back in 2008, as a video-obsessed high school student. Fast forward to today, and Astery has become a fully fledged production agency, with a stable of customers including Top Gear, St John’s Ambulance, The FA, Octopus MoneyCoach, Ofcom and many more.  The content they produce is primarily short-form - helping brands communicate with current and prospective customers.


“We’re a digital first production company that produces compelling content designed to captivate and convert audiences for the brands we assist. We pride ourselves on being fast - turning content round within 24 hours of filming - and digital natives - ensuring we’re optimized for social and digital platforms.”


“We need processes and solutions that help us efficiently navigate the end-to-end process, getting the right input from customers and the many freelancers and contractors we use along the way.  Wipster’s a fulcrum for us.”


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“Wipster is very much a part of the sales pitch.  We want clients to be intimately involved, but to understand that we have an easy and painless solution for getting their feedback. It actually helps us secure new business.”


Once they’ve won the business, they kick into pre-production, sharing storyboards with various stakeholders. “Wipster enables us to collaborate on PDFs which is really helpful.”


Then it’s into the thick of video production.  “We set expectations with our customers that there are only three revisions, and that enables us to produce contact quickly and cost-effectively.  We share multiple assets with basic sound and color grading via Wipster, and are notified when there’s client activity via the Slack integration.”


Subsequent edits are made in Wipster's native Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects panel. “We’re an Adobe shop, and find the integration invaluable.  We can use the core functions of Wipster without ever having to leave our editing or after effects suite.”


Once the final version is ready, it’s delivered via Dropbox. “The two-way integration with Dropbox is another time saver for us.”


Beyond streamlining the process, Wipster helps keep everyone happy and engaged at each stage of the journey. Luke’s counsel to other video production houses is clear: “Using a collaboration platform like Wipster is a game changer.  Clients love it, colleagues love it. And it’s an invaluable solution for post-production workflow. ” 


And for brands looking for a top-notch, flexible video production solution - get in touch with Luke at Astery.

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