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Victoria University of Wellington uses Wipster to connect with 24k+ students and staff

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22,000 students, 2300 employees, and in the top 2% of universities in the world - Victoria University of Wellington is a world-class educational institution at the bottom of the globe. Situated in New Zealand’s picturesque harborside capital city, the university offers its students a vibrant lifestyle, beautiful surroundings, and a reputation of being the first-ranked university in the country for research quality.


Sharing the great work that Victoria University of Wellington does with the world is no minor task, and the internal Image Services team are there to make it a reality. 


Nando, the team’s Production Manager, says their work is split 50/50 between internal focused initiatives and external promotional content. 


“We support the university and their strategic goals, whether that be promotional videos for courses and working alongside the marketing team, University-wide event coverage, capturing lectures for academics, or filming a speech for the Vice Chancellor to address staff and students.”


Nando’s eight person team has four video producers, three photographers and a production coordinator, not to mention the countless stakeholders and decision makers whose feedback on their academic work brought to life can be integral to the success of the project. They integrate the Adobe Creative Cloud into their workflow and work closely alongside the Marketing and Comms teams.


“There are a lot of stakeholders who want to have a say. We try to agree who has the sign-off designation before the start of the project but the reality is different. Often last minute differences of opinion or new stakeholders surface, which is something we just have to roll with.”


Nando says 3-4 iterations of a video is typical, but exporting work from Premiere Pro, re-uploading video versions on to OneDrive, and long email trails to receive feedback was starting to grate on the team. Work couldn’t move as quickly as they’d hoped - “Sometimes projects would get parked for months,” Nando explains.


Something had to change, so Nando went searching for a workflow solution and found Wipster.


With Wipster’s seamless pin-point comments and easy-share access for stakeholders, receiving feedback and moving to the next version became a breeze.


“Wipster helps organize our feedback. With so many stakeholders giving feedback nothing gets lost or overlooked now that we have it concentrated in one platform and not split over multiple email chains. We use Wipster to communicate with external departments - if content needs to be discussed, it’s on Wipster, especially when so many people are working from home these days.”


It also allows Nando and his team to know when the job is done - Wipster’s handy download feature means they get a notification when an external stakeholder has downloaded the final version, so they know when it’s on its way to social media for publishing. Plus, Wipster’s handy Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects integrations make it even easier to keep track of changes.


“Wipster has enabled a huge step change in efficiency. When the demand for digital content grew exponentially, reducing that email back and forth was extremely valuable - plus it provided an insurance policy for the team, with clear evidence of feedback and versions. Especially the checklist ‘to-do’ feature which shows both my team and the stakeholder what has been done and what changes they wanted.”


“The team loves Wipster,” Nando says “It’s simple, easy-to-use for external stakeholders, and all our live projects are in one place.”


Nando’s advice for other content creators at educational institutions? “Don't make video an afterthought. Be really intentional and do it properly when making, distributing, and storing video content. As our department grew, every challenge became amplified, so making sure we could easily review content and get it approved has become integral to our workflow. Thanks Wipster!”


Want our advice? Don’t make your video workflow an afterthought either! With Wipster, your workflow will be humming, your efficiency increases, and the quality of your content will too. Start your free trial of Wipster today,  or contact our sales team, to hear about our special educational pricing packages.

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