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Wipster helps LEAP Spark get more accurate feedback from clients, reduce headaches and finish creative projects sooner.

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Production Agency LEAP Spark is in the business of making moments that matter. As a part of LEAP Group, an independent network of specialized agencies with complementary services ( from research and insights, to branding and media), LEAP Spark can operate independently or collaboratively to scale service offerings up and down to best meet the needs of their clients. And their clients seem to agree - with the likes of behemoth brands like Hershey’s Chocolate World, Mentos, and Carnival choosing LEAP Spark to connect to their customers and “ignite the spark that lights the fire.”


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David Carrero, Senior Animator, works out of the LEAP Spark office in Cincinnati. Their production workflow places the client front and centre, and early on they meet the full creative and client management team to establish the tone and goals of the content. After that, concepts for art direction and motion style are drawn up and scripts are written for the client to choose from. Once approved, they move into producing storyboards and timing for further approved music and voice overs - this time internally reviewed. Animatics are next, showing the rough cut of the animation to the client to get those high-level changes squared away early.

“If they're happy with the direction,” David explains, “I finally move on to polishing up the animation - making the motion feel good and look smooth. The client then gets a second round of revisions, as is standard, but these should be smaller tweaks. Finally, we send over the finished 3rd version.”


Did you count how many rounds of review, feedback and approval David and his team have to manage?

At least seven, with undoubtedly countless internal reviews and discussions. That’s a lot of client relationship management and a lot of possible bottlenecks in the workflow. 

And boy were there some bottlenecks. David describes their old video production workflow as a nightmare.

“We'd get emails with a bulleted list of changes and the client will do their best to describe which sections they're talking about. It's not always clear, which results in more of a back and forth, and can just be a headache for everyone.” 

An inefficient workflow can put strain on an otherwise fantastic client relationship and affect the final product. An efficient workflow can streamline the review and approval process and make for ideal collaborations between the team and the client. It was an obvious choice to David and his team to use Wipster.

“Wipster helps us to finish projects sooner, by removing the back-and-forth between us and a client.” David explains. “Greater clarity in revision requests minimises the amount of follow-up conversations, so we can spend less time waiting for a response, and more time making changes.”

And with multiple sister companies to collaborate with, across three different states, Wipster helps them keep moving remotely too. 




“We use Wipster for all our internal revisions and get really specific in our feedback, the way creatives like to. It greatly improves our ability to have a remote work environment. Wipster also serves as a database for all of our rough and final drafts, so when a client comes back two years later asking for a file that they lost, it's usually easier to find the final version on Wipster than it is to dig through our project-archives.” That’s the kind of experience that will keep a client coming back time and time again!

Wipster has been a gamechanger for LEAP Spark, and David reckons it’s a mandatory investment for future-thinking agencies.

“I mean, if you're not already using a review software like Wipster what are you doing?” says David. “This is one of the easiest investments a company can make for themselves, as important as licensing edit software.”

“Wipster saves the company time and meaningfully improves the day-to-day workflow of our team by reducing friction. It’s also a handy backup for all your exports, which can be huge for any organisation that can't afford a physical server.”


With that 5-star review of Wipster, what’s stopping you from giving your creative team (and your clients!) the gift of a seamless review and approval workflow?


Sign up today, or talk to one of our team, and allow Wipster to put the ✨spark✨ back into your creative review experience. 


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