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Wipster assists Lull's go to market strategy helping create engaging video with seamless collaboration

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There’s a saying that goes, “If it’s between you and the ground - spend the money” Tires, shoes, chairs, beds - integral parts of our lives that can give us headaches (figurative and literal!) when they don’t do their job well and fall apart. Considering we spend one third of our lives sleeping, beds might be at the top of the list. But buying a quality bed could be one of the most expensive in the list too - with prices anywhere from $250 to $5000 where do you even begin?

Enter Lull, an online direct to consumer retailer who is shaking up the industry with their award-winning premium mattresses and bedding. Plush memory foam, cooling gel, a lifetime warranty, a reasonable price, all vacuum packed in a deceptively small box and shipped direct to your home in 1-4 business days, PLUS a 365 day trial period - did anyone say deal of the century?! And their 35,000+ 5 star reviews can vouch for the quality of their sleep since receiving their Lull mattress. Pretty impressive.

1A mattress this good needs some seriously good marketing to get the word out there. Unboxings, interior design and style edits, and influencer reviews - Lull tapped into the power of online video and started producing beautiful white-linen-crisp content. But when working arrangements changed (as we have all experienced with You-Know-What-19), workflow issues were starting to appear.

Bill Kiley Sr., Creative Manager at Lull explains, “While our Lull headquarters is in Santa Barbara, our marketing director lived in Los Angeles. She would often commute, but would also work from home. We needed a reliable way to show her new ad creative and get her approval on the days when she wasn’t physically in the office.”

“We needed a safe and secure workflow solution to share videos and get feedback, and also act as a library to keep our finished videos ready for any department that needs them.”


While researching for remote video approval workflow solutions, they came across Wipster. And just like a good sleep on a Lull mattress, it changed everything. 

“Our team loved it when we started using Wipster. Everyone appreciated the ability to quickly and easily upload, review, and implement changes. Wipster also made keeping track of different versions of our videos incredibly easy, and the team loves that older versions are still able to be accessed with ease later.”

“Wipster has made communication about edits throughout different versions of videos quick and simple. With Wipster handling the versioning of our projects, the review process is so much more user-friendly.”

Turnarounds shrunk and review with their marketing director became seamless, no matter who was in the office or how many people needed to review that day.


The most impressive thing about Wipster, Kiley says, is the ability to quickly and easily share a video with the team, gather their comments in a single place, make a new version, and collect approvals in a short turnaround.

“Our creative review process takes HALF of the time it used to.”

“Wipster has allowed us to increase our volume of projects and lets our creative team spend more time building the creative and less time managing everything else. Wipster has become an integral component of our team’s creative workflow.”

More time creating, less time managing? It’s not just a cosy dream on a Lull mattress, but a reality with Wipster. Talk to our team today and help your creative team get the best sleep they’ve had in ageeeess thanks to stress free and seamless creative review and approval.

Start a free trial today, or better yet, reach out for a demo! Contact the Wipster team and take your video content workflow to the next level.  Email us at 


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