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24 Instagram Accounts Every Video Producer Should be Following

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It's 2 am, and you're thinking about the creative for a project due this week.

At least you're trying to, but instead you're power cycling through Facebook. Nope, no new notifications.

Are you in a creative rut? Or do you just need a new source of inspiration?

Then check out these video production companies/agencies sharing on Instagram.

Photographers & Videographers

1. Oscar winning cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, whose credits include the Revenant, shares incredible profile shots from folks all around the world.


2. If stunning mountain imagery interplaying with people in a real way is your thing follow Renan Ozturk.


3. Anyone that appreciates awe inspiring outdoor shoots will also want to follow Camp4Collective.  


4. Casey Neistat is one of the most famous vloggers in the world, anyone looking to build a YouTube channel around personalities can look to him as a source of inspiration.  


5. “Mallrats” actor turned mostly photo/videographer of rural scenes Jason Lee shares slices of Small Town, America through beautiful stills.  


6. If modern and contemporary art is more your thing, there's NOWNESS. Their feed covers mostly fashion and art, but their website has shorts worth checking out.    


7. Sawyer Hartman mostly shares his travels on Instagram, but if you are feeling unmotivated seeing some of the cool stuff he's doing is a solid kick in the teeth. Sawyer has worked with Google, Pepsi, and a ton of other household name brands.    


8. Youtuber Matthew Vandeputte posts incredible stills and video from his home in Australia. If you appreciate travel and a well composed timelapse, he's definitely worth a follow.    


9. Emmy award nominated director of photography Chayse Irvin shares a variety of stuff from short movies to commercial shoots along with glimpses from behind the scenes.      


10. Filmmaker Philip Bloom posts long exposure, aerial, and other interesting shots plus tools you may want to check out like Plotagraph.    



11. Storytellers that appreciate content tackling one big idea or capturing people in authentically will want to follow If there's anything close to a blueprint on how nonprofits should be using Instagram, it's right here for you on their profile.  


12. Everything on Califia Farms stays on brand and most importantly, engages their audience.     


13. Over the last decade, YETI has become one of the standard bearers for outdoor travel products due in no large part to its visual storytelling. They know their audience down to every detail as you can see from the clothes worn to the butcher paper they sometimes eat off.    


14. With Lego, it may sound easier to be creative when you can license from the Disney universe like they do. But they have to tell stories in each of these distinctive settings from Minecraft to Star Wars all while keeping everything on point.    


15. DICK's Sporting Goods is worth a follow just for the varied composition within their profile.  


16. IndieWhip provides glimpses behind the scenes producing videos for large enterprises like Bose. Anyone ever in charge of location and props will want to give them a follow.  


17. Variable shares clips and stills from shoots with National Geographic, Audi, and other big name clients along with updates that may be helpful for your continued education.   


Gear nerds, these are for you.

18 & 19. Photographers share what they've got in their gear bags completely laid out on mycamerabag. For videography, check out @myvideobag.   


20. If you dig vintage gear, VintageLensesForVideo reviews and offers high-quality images of each piece.   


21. Immerse yourself in video and photo shot using RED Digital Cinema.


22. See Kino Flo Lighting Systems behind the scenes and in action during commercial shoots.   


23. Aerial shooters love seeing crowdsourced updates from DJI, the largest online sharing platform for drone photography and videos.


24. Rich contrasting shots are shared by ZEISS Camera Lenses.  


(Secret No.25) : Wipstergram! Get some behind the scenes shots of the people behind Wipster and the wonderful places we live and work.


Once you have gone through this list and decided who you want to follow, see who they're following for even more sources of inspiration. Happy instagramming. And feel free to share your IG handle in the comments.


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