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As of today, versions don't eat into your minutes!

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With Wipster you can share your work-in-progress videos with your team and clients with just the click of a button. It really is the simplest and most productive way to chat to each other about work-in-progress. Everything happens right where it makes sense - on top of the video.

Version stacking is one of Wipster’s most popular features. It allows you to drag a new version of a video right on top of the old one and then share it with your team. Because we believe iteration is where creative magic happens, as of today, all new versions of a video are free. They won't count against your upload quota.

So say you’re on the Team Account and you have 300 minutes of uploads each month, any time one of your team members uploads a new version of a video on top of an old one, that upload won’t eat into your minutes.

Tweet @wipsters and tell us how many versions did you get up to on your next project using #freeversions.

We’ve got loads more stuff to roll out in the coming months, so keep the feedback coming, and stay tuned!

- The Wipster Team

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