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Wipster Content Team

Top 9 Video Challenges – Experts Spill the Beans

We’re two months in 2018, and video marketing has no intention of slowing down.

82% of businesses

Wipster meets Slack: a perfect match

When it comes to productivity and collaboration, Slack is a bona fide hero. Its real-time team...

Facebook Video Ads Checklist: Double Your ROI

You’re scrolling through your Facebook Newsfeed when you suddenly come across an ad.

You ignore...

8 Tips to Get Your Clients Using Review and Approval Software

Bouncing between private YouTube links and email threads isn’t exactly paradise. And when video...

Supercharge Your Video Collaboration

I remember my first major collaboration. It was for the end of our documentary, #standwithme. We...

Think your video is finished? Think again

Once you’ve written, filmed, edited, reviewed, categorized, tagged and published your video, it can...

10 Essential video gadgets for less than $1000

It’s an exciting time to be a video producer. In the last decade or so the equipment needed to...

New Features: Wipster Adds Closed Captions

Wipster launched closed captions adding to the recent new features added to the platform.

How to 10x Your Sales With Irresistible Product Videos

You’re thinking of buying a toaster online.

Top of the range high quality, and you’re willing to...

A Video-First Multi Asset Management System: Does Your Company Need One?

Do you have a hard time finding the right video file in your cluttered internal server?