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How Mograph Mastermind Utilizes Wipster to Improve Motion Design Skills

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Motion Hatch is an online learning hub for freelance motion graphic designers and animators created by Hayley Akins. The site provides the motion design community with weekly training materials, podcasts, and the opportunity to join Mograph Mastermind, a peer review group that provides support and accountability to help motion designers achieve their career goals.

In the last year, Hayley started using Wipster to help Mastermind members communicate ideas and feedback on their animations and designs.

Rather than using Wipster solely for review and approval, Wipster, in the hands of Mastermind members, has evolved into a place of communal feedback. It’s now a space where creators can feel comfortable and empowered to help each other improve their designs and animations through pin-pointed and time-coded feedback.


We sat down with Hayley to learn more about how the group uses Wipster.

Wipster: What urged you to start the Mograph Mastermind group?

Having run my own business for 3 years now, I find it frustrating that there isn’t more useful business information available for freelance motion designers. This is why I’ve launched Motion Hatch, to help motion designers and animators get advice and support with the things that sometimes seem hard and boring – like knowing what to charge clients, how to protect your business with contracts and much more!

Wipster: What problems did Wipster solve for you and Mastermind members? 

Hayley: Wipster helps us to review showreels and other projects our Mograph Mastermind students create. It’s a great platform to share work on and get feedback from multiple people. This is vital for us because it’s not just the mentors giving you feedback. It’s the other people in your mastermind group as well.

Wipster: How do mentees and mentors benefit from Wipster? 

Hayley: It’s an easy place to share work and collaborate. The fact you can open it up and comment directly on a video is great, no more explaining which section you are referring too. It’s easy for the Mastermind Members to receive feedback all in one place. We can also quickly see when the student has updated their work ready for review. 

Wipster: In a typical month, how is Wipster utilized? 

Hayley: Mastermind Members upload their showreels and projects to Wipster and share a link via Slack so everyone can comment and see what they are working on. We set weekly goals for the students whilst on the program, so it’s beneficial to have somewhere to keep track when they are making changes and updates based on our feedback.


Hayley created a folder in her Wipster library dedicated to her Mograph Mastermind group feedback.

Wipster: How do you think other creatives, designers or filmmakers would benefit from Wipster?

Hayley: The fact you don’t have emails flying around with time-coded amends is amazing for anyone who works with video. 

Wipster: We agree! If you want to try out Wipster, you can use Hayley’s Wipster Ambassador link to get started with a free 5GB Wipster plan. And, if you’re interested in a career in Motion Design we recommend going to Motion Hatch!

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