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Six Cool Video Agencies That are Producing Boundary-Pushing Content

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What do you get when you search for ‘video production agency’?

About 497,000,000 results.

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But not all production houses and video agencies are producing interesting, groundbreaking content that’ll make you go ‘Woah’. A lot of them are rehashing the same old, which neither inspires, nor gets the best results.

So, whether you’re looking to outsource your video production (big brands, like Marriot and RedBull, occasionally outsource their videos, too, despite having amazing in-house video units), or you’re simply looking for fresh, groundbreaking videos to get inspired by, read on.

We’ve listed six top agencies that are producing cool videos that win awards, get smashing results, and inspire us every day.


"They challenge us to think creatively about the questions we are trying to solve. The video, when shared on social media, set a new record for shares on its first day.” – Newsela (client)

From high-budget brand films, to website videos and marketing campaigns, GoldFront does it all. This award-winning video agency has worked with several high-profile clients, including Google, Uber, Slack, JawBone, and Zendesk. It’s forte lies in creating story-rich visual treats that get excellent results and win awards.

Some of their amazing videos include:


‘They are very collaborative. When we request something, they listen; they are a great partner in that sense. When we suggest something, they challenge us to approach problems differently, based on what they have seen in different industries or with different clients. They challenge us to think creatively about the questions we are trying to solve. They don’t just execute projects. They are more than designers; they guide you through how you should think about a brand or positioning problem, and then deliver above expectations.’ – Clutch

If you’re looking for creative concepts and innovative content, then Gold-Front’s a great agency you can look into. You can even try creating something similar, inspired by their cutting-edge content.

Prominence Films

Winners of Best Picture for their feature ‘Of Fortune and Gold’ at Boston International Film Festival, Prominence Films is a master-of-all video production agency. This Los Angeles based video agency has created content for brands and companies in a plethora of different industries. They produce stellar videos of all lengths and types, and have worked with several big corporate fishes like AOL, Inspire, Bourbon.

‘These guys are the best at all things video related (planning, filming, post production, etc.)’ – Client

They know how to coordinate large production teams, work with brands who want their own employees to act in their videos and coach them. And their attention to detail ensures that they pull-off pre-production, production, and post-production processes without a hitch.

Some of their amazing work includes:


Discovery Stem talks about the importance of Science Technology Engineering + Math in elementary schools. Presented by VS America.

Prominence films excel in creating polished, professional looking videos that scream class. No matter what industry you belong to, if that’s the kind of content you’re looking for, then working with an agency like Prominence film will benefit you greatly. Watching their work may also give you a few pointers on how to make your in-house produced videos more put-together and professional looking.


From producing 15 second marketing videos, to longer internal videos, VelocityColab does it all. And when I say they do it all, they really do do it all.

VeracityColab services

They’re experts in their field and have worked with big names in the digital world, including Thermo Fisher, Intuit, BlackLine, AT&T, simplehuman, Adobe, and eBay.

‘The video is excellent, bringing in customers, demonstrating the deep understanding of the subject matter that the team developed, and fully capturing the company's essence and core message. They were exceptional collaborators throughout, communicating smoothly.’ – British Creative Agency (Client)

They’re on top of new trends, technologies, and productions, which helps them create one amazing hit after another. On their 10th anniversary, they put together a video montage of some of their best work.

How important is being on trend in the video world?

The digital world is over saturated with video content and in order to stand out, brands and agencies need to be on trend and experiment with new things. That’s exactly what Veracity Colab does. It doesn’t shy away from taking risks and experiments, which mostly works out great for the brands it works with. If that’s your jazz and you love jumping on bandwagons others haven’t, then an agency like Veracity Colab would be a great match for you.

And if you’re simply looking for a bit of inspiration, watch how they make use of the latest trends in the video industry and fearlessly experiment.

Patrick Ortman

‘We love stories that feel honest and true. We love to laugh. We make videos with heart, whether your audience is in the boardroom or the living room.’ – Patrick Ortman

Winners of ADDYs, Tellys, IMAs, Platinum Awards, and several BEST DIRECTOR awards, Patrick Ortman is one of the best video production agencies in town. They’ve also been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Atlanta Journal & Constitution, St. Petersburg Times, USA Today, Toronto Star, Tubefilter, Time Magazine, Newsweek along with a few others.

From Agent Provocateur to WestSide Rentals and College AP, they’ve worked with all kinds of brands and businesses, including Fortune 500 companies. They also create a plethora of different videos (like commercials, crowdfunding videos, marketing videos, brand-films, and the likes), according to the brand’s requirement.

Their work process is very thorough and they keep you in the loop throughout, so that the final video produced is exactly how you want it and is hitting all the right goals.

You want the best possible video for your brand, trust Patrick Ortman. They’ve got an excellent video production workflow, which keeps you in-the-loop throughout and results in an epic video.

Simple Story Videos

“We are Simple Story; an award-winning video marketing agency made up of artists, marketers, advertisers and storytellers. We design story-driven messages that help our clients – the heroes of their stories – reach their audiences and inspire action.”

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Simple Story Videos is an award winning video production agency that has worked with a plethora of businesses, including several Fortune 500 companies. Some of their high-profile clients includes Walmart, Pitney Bowes, Interac, Walmart Coca-Cola, Shopify, Government of Canada, Citrix, Workopolis, and HomeAdvisor.

They create all kinds of videos; explainer videos, brand videos, product videos, tutorials, commercials, video testimonials, live action videos. You name it, and they’ve probably created it.

They’re known for their amazing management skills and superior work. Director of Marketing at Blackboard, hired Simple Story to create a product release video for them. It worked really well for them and they received a lot of positive feedback.

‘We asked for their help from an outside perspective to tell the story we needed. Simple Story Videos developed a script for us and did the work from beginning to end to create a one-minute animated video. We started the project with an idea of what we wanted. We gave them too much information, so they sat down with us, took our input, and their scripting team came back with a much lighter script that still brought out the major points that we wanted.

We did 3 or 4 iterations on the script until it was what we wanted. Our team is primarily writers and on-stage presenters, so it was important for their team to push back on us and give us feedback. I appreciated that they didn’t just take what we gave them but provided their expertise to make this video much better than we could do on our own.’

If you’re tired of the same old, rehashed video content available in the digital world and want fresh, innovative content, go for Simple Story. Their content is a breath of fresh air in this over-saturated industry and they work with you throughout to ensure the end video is exactly as you envisioned it.

Matte Projects

A self-described, "creative production house based in New York City focused on capturing live music and fashion in an unprecedented artistic vision”, Matte Projects is making boundary-pushing waves in the world of digital media and video.

The founders, Brett Kincaid, Max Pollack and Matthew Rowean, started off this journey by throwing some of the coolest art festivals, Black (in 2011) and Full Moon Festival (in 2013) - staples of the NYC nightlife. They eventually decided to create an agency in 2011 where they could create similar cool content for other brands. They’ve got a pretty high-profile and snazzy client rooster, which includes the likes of Tom Ford, Chanel, Google, and Dom Perignon.

“One of our greatest strengths is being able to build a brand from an aesthetics perspective. We care a lot about details—the logos, the musical curation, the art, theatrical aspects of production—things that a lot of party promoters and concert producers tend to overlook.” – Matthew Rowean

Some of their awe-inspiring work includes:


They’re true creatives and artists, and their work reflects that. If you’re tired of the same old commercial videos coming out and you’d like a little something different, check out Matte Projects. If nothing else, their work will inspire you to let go of your comfort zone and explore your creative side.

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