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The evolution of collaborative video editing software

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Video production has evolved over the past few years, and as a result, individuals, teams and organisations can create video content faster. But is it really that simple? 

There are many platforms and products that make creating video easy, but this doesn't necessarily mean that the process is any more efficient. As a video creator, influencer or production house collaborators and reviewers within agencies, teams and organisations have specific requirements and collaborating on video isn’t easy. Email, Slack, WhatsApp, Skype and other communication channels have meant that getting feedback during the video review process often takes twice as long as the creation of the footage itself.

This article discusses how companies can improve their video production processes and what video creators should focus on to get their content in front of customers.


What is video review software?

At a macro level, video review and creative approval software connects video creators with video reviewers to streamline feedback.

A narrower definition of video review software is “bringing people together to collaborate on video assets to speed up the post-production process and enable faster and better decisions”. Video collaborators can include: 

  • Production houses 
  • Marketing and design teams 
  • Creative agencies 
  • Individual stakeholders 
  • And so on

What makes excellent video collaboration software?

Companies that succeed invest in quality. They build quality products, leverage quality partners and hire and grow quality people. The same can be said for video — a good production team invests in quality software to help users review video and collaborate in one place.

The two most important moments in a video’s lifetime are when it’s created and when it’s sent live. Unlimited reviewers provide laser-focused feedback all in one place, and Wipster syncs that feedback with your existing collaboration and creation software to get you to your best final draft, faster. Being a video producer begins and ends with high-quality, reliable software.

Companies that focus on video creation:

Want to make it easy. For video, this means consistent and secure collection and storage. Wipster is reliable, free of pesky bugs and is SOC2 certified.

Make it accessible. Teams responsible for video creation and activation are aligned, making video delivery quick and easy.

Put it to work. They get their best final video drafts live to attract and engage their audience. 

What helps improve the post-production video process?

Reliable and secure technology advancements have made it much easier to stream feedback back and forth in a clean and uninterrupted manner. Wipster is SOC 2  Type 2 certified, giving you that extra assurance on the security of our solution. It’s also the most reliable video review tool in the market and comes with a fully mobile responsive solution that makes collaboration easy from anywhere. 

Seamless integrations help stitch best of breed tooling together to streamline production. Wipster integrates with  tools like Brightcove, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Vimeo, Wistia Dropbox and Slack. You can store, create, co-ordinate and distribute content, gather feedback, iterate the creative and gain approval on Wipster.  Then it’s just one-click publishing straight to the tool of choice to share with your audience. If your tool of choice isn’t available or you have very bespoke internal needs we can use an API to help you connect.

Playback Standards: Wipster offers near-perfect video encoding as well as crisp playback.

Frame-by-Frame Commenting allows for clear and precise feedback on the video assets and should be included in the best video collaboration software platforms.

If you’re looking for video collaboration software, make bugs, server issues and email notifications a thing of the past. Wipster provides users with an easy-to-use interface that requires limited technical knowledge and is secure and reliable. If you’re interested in trying Wipster, sign up for a free 14 day trial or get in touch with our sales team today. 

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