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Getting Started With Video Marketing: A Checklist For Marketers

HubSpot Academy has been on a mission to transform business. They create free educational courses...

Collaborating with Premiere Productions and Wipster

Adobe Productions and Wipster Review across all projects

Is IGTV on the Rise? Everything You Need to Know About Instagram TV

IGTV has been here for some time now. It’s seen a lot of bangs and a lot of busts in it’s short...

How to Clear Media Cache Files in Premiere Pro

Media Cache Files in Premiere Pro can have a significant impact on performance during the...

4 Video Marketing Lessons From a Fortune 500 Company

In the past 30 days, more video content has been uploaded online than the major U.S. television...

6 Ways to Share with Wipster

At Wipster, we’ve designed many ways you can share your creative assets. In fact, you can share...

Collaborate in the Cloud with the Wipster Review Panel for Adobe

In case you were wondering, the “WIP” in Wipster stands for Work-In-Progress.

How to Place Video Inside Text | Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial

We launched a brand new series on YouTube called “Making Video.” The new series will feature a...