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The Wipster Mobile Experience Continues to Evolve...

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So you’re managing a video project… and expectations.

We've been listening.

These days it's hard enough to get a team together, let alone get them to make decisions. Dispersed teams, multiple stakeholders, varying workflows - it’s a massively time-taxing process for everyone. And not just for production, but for the decision-makers, too.

We at Wipster know that the struggle is real… so we sought to liberate the creative review process.

Need feedback now? - We get it.

We've made it easier than ever to share files.



Need feedback from a 'herd of cats'? - We connect them.

We've made adding and sharing comments accessible to everyone.

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Working with a ‘less-than-video-savvy’ herd? - We make it simple.

We've streamlined the approval process



This is our goal with our latest version of the Wipster mobile experience! We heard your feedback and added a bunch of new features to keep your production moving with you.

No bulky apps to download and no training necessary - check in on your projects and keep everyone in the loop with just a link.

Let your stakeholders know what you need – and make them happier while doing it. With the new mobile experience, keeping your team moving forward has never been easier.

Keep projects moving on the go:
  • View media file updates and send them to stakeholders for feedback
    • Create new reviews. For Review, Approval and Share
    • Send a single file…or twenty all in the same review
  • Check-in on review progress and spot bottlenecks
    • See the status of each file change as feedback, or decisions, come in
    • Identify stakeholders that might need a little …reminder :-)
  • Dive into reviews, leave comments and respond to stakeholder feedback
    • Review media files via the same powerful and intuitive review tools your stakeholders are using
    • See their feedback or leave some of your own
    • Reply to stakeholders to clarify their requests
  • Discuss feedback with your team or assign edits to be actioned
    • Discuss what needs to be done, in conjunction with your stakeholders…or in private
    • Assign edits to your team and have them upload new versions ready to be approved

Try it now

... your team will love you for it :)

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers on our Mobile Review Beta FAQ.  Have any questions about how these new features may affect your reviewers? Want some one-on-one training for your team?  Contact our team and we’ll help you out.

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