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Video collaboration for business just got easier

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Over a very short period of time, the world of video has changed beyond recognition. A few years ago marketing video on a business website was a fairly rare thing. Now you’re left behind if you don’t have a comprehensive video strategy and a steady stream of engaging content.

To help you leverage this exponential growth, Wipster has today released collaborative video review and approval for businesses and large teams. The days of cobbling together emails, spreadsheets and social-video sites are over. Our cloud based platform is already accelerating the video post production process for thousands of video producers. These new features now make it even more robust for our larger scale users like NBC Universal and Evernote.

Why are shared folders so important?

Until now, the Wipster platform has worked best for freelancers and small production companies. Larger companies typically require a more stratified control system of who can see what in their accounts. The brand new Wipster Company account accommodates as many separate work areas as you need, all within the confines of a single, company-wide network. Put simply, we’ve redefined what it means to work together on video.

How does it work?

With shared folders, you can add someone to a single, private folder within your account, much like you would if you were using Dropbox or Google Drive. It’s perfect if you’re working with a contractor you’ve hired for a specific project, or you need to give a client deeper levels of access to your work.

If you later decide to bring your contractor in on another job, it’s as simple as clicking a checkbox and they’re in. It such a fast, easy way to work, and with the Company Account you can add as many people as you like to a given folder.

Wipster is still under two years old, but has already made a significant stamp on the video industry. By reimagining the video workflow, we have cleared the way for joyous video creation and collaboration. We’ve solved the painful video review and approval process and welcome you to our continuously expanding platform!

Here's to you,
The Wipster team.

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