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Wipster + Adobe After Effects: A Revolution in Collaboration

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What if After Effects was more than just your go-to compositing, motion graphics and animation tool? What if it could be a complete post-production workflow solution that would make your working life infinitely simpler, faster, and more enjoyable? Good news: with the Wipster Review Panel, available in Adobe After Effects, it is.

The Wipster Review Panel is, quite simply, a revolution in collaboration.


Sending a comp out for review and approval is no longer a headache: now you can send your render out to your clients and colleagues without leaving After Effects, while Wipster manages the encoding, uploading, sharing and collating of feedback behind the scenes. You sit back and watch as the comments are automatically added as markers on your After Effects timeline.

Once the feedback is all in, you can reply to comments and check off each item from the to-do list – all within After Effects. And that’s just for starters: you’ll also discover features like team-only commenting (because sometimes a little privacy is a good thing), version control, and seamless delivery of final files.

A best-practice review-and-approval platform seamlessly integrated with the industry-leading animation, motion graphics, and VFX tool: this is truly a match made in heaven. Revolutionize your workflow and install the free Wipster Review Panel today. 

The Review Panel is available to all subscribed Wipster users (and your first 14 days are always on the house). See our pricing here.

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