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Wipster + Wistia = Video Marketing Harmony

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Wipster and Wistia
Are pleased to announce
Their Integration
Thursday, the twenty-seventh of July
Two Thousand and Seventeen

After a long romance, Wipster and Wistia have finally tied the knot.

Today, your favorite review-and-approval solution publishes directly to your much-loved publishing and analytics platform. With this harmonious integration between Wipster and Wistia your video marketing workflow just got an upgrade.


Gather feedback, iterate the creative, and gain approval on Wipster, then it’s just one-click publishing straight to your Wistia account for delivery, analytics and optimization.  

What’s Wipster bringing to the relationship?

Using Wipster as your review-and-approval process means less time spent writing emails, less time being harassed into review meetings, less time waiting for stakeholders to sign off, and more time creating, measuring, and optimizing your video content.  

You know exactly who has viewed the video, what changes are being made, what version you’re up to and when it’s been approved. No more lost time or lost opportunities!


Comment directly on top of the video, assign tasks to editors or project managers, and share to your entire team, all from inside Wipster. And our deep integrations with Premiere Pro, After Effects and Slack means that your editors can receive feedback from inside their favorite NLE, while you get instant updates in your Wipster Slack channel.

What does Wistia add to the union?

Other than their obvious striking beauty, they also bring exceptional publishing, measuring and analytics tools direct to your videos so that you can deliver on video marketing campaign goals.

Use Wistia to generate leads with CTA’s and email capture, optimize your content with heatmapping and engagement metrics, and customise your video player to match company branding.

With Wipster and Wistia together, you’re one step closer to video marketing harmony.

Upload your video to Wipster, gather feedback and sign off, then one-click publish straight to your chosen Wistia project folder. The integration is available today to all Wipster users. It’s a matrimony made for the ages!

Sign up to a 14-day free trial of Wipster today and let your video content enter an everlasting honeymoon period.

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