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Back to School - As Universities rely more and more on video content, collaboration is key

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At colleges and universities across the world, more video content is being created than ever before. 

Online offerings mean that pedagogical and instructional content is often assembled in a video format, involving a collaboration between digital content and video professionals and instructional faculty. 

Universities need to promote their institution, athletics and unique brand in a crowded online space-- so every department on campus is thinking about video as the highest priority form of content. 

And the way students interact with each other is rapidly changing as well. Accelerated by the pandemic, more classrooms are opting for digital-first collaboration and are creating ways for students to interact with one another asynchronously. When students are working with video, it creates unique challenges.

This explosion of video content has been playing out over the last decade, with each year seeing more total video created than the last. The one thing it all has in common? A greater need for collaboration, and a way to facilitate feedback and interaction across video projects and media. 

Wipster ties it all together

From the University of Oklahoma to Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, Wipster acts as a hub allowing for review, approval and conversation across various stakeholders in the higher education space.  As a result, videos get finished with alignment from everyone, and a final product is created faster than ever before.

Since Wipster excels in ease of use, it's a breeze to solicit professors, department heads, and other collaborators for feedback and input during the creative process. Features like on-frame, pinpoint commenting and version control mean that changes are made rapidly and everyone gets on the same page - without back-and-forth emails and conveniently for everyone's individual schedule.

Wipster doesn't just facilitate instructional design or official University business. One Wipster customer, a professor at a college of art & design, recently shared with us the impact that Wipster has had on student collaboration, in and out of the classroom. These students are learning to create their own film and video in the course, and use Wipster to share their creations with each other:

"It's been bridging the classes together, creating a community... these different sections can now look at each other's work, they can talk to each other, they can comment... it's really brought the classes together, even though they don't meet together physically."

Wipster is proud to work with some of the world's finest institutions of education and empower the next generation of video creators. We offer deeply discounted rates for educational institutions, as well as affordable student-based pricing - just get in touch with us to learn more. 

While you're at it, check out some of our favorite case studies showcasing how Wipster is used among our higher-education customers:

"Streamlined and Elegant" How the Univ. of Oklahoma media team provides a professional review experience for their faculty stakeholders


Victoria University of Wellington uses Wipster to connect with 24k+ students and staff

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