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Exciting updates to the Wipster desktop platform - new reviewer experience.

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We’ve given the reviewer experience a major makeover, adding some oft-requested features, enhancing the user interface, and making Wipster even more simple & intuitive.


So what’s changed?  Lots! 

Beyond the buttery smooth look and feel you told us you loved in the new mobile site, we’ve added these features.  

Blog-ClickToComment [v1]


  • The same intuitive ‘click on the media to comment’ that your stakeholders love, but more streamlined than ever before. Reply to conversations directly from the comment box and dismiss them more easily. You can even drag comments outside the asset so it’s not obscured.
  • You’ll now see one comment at a time rather than being confronted with a wall of feedback that can conceal the asset.

Blog-SpeedControls [v1]

Improved player controls

  • Choose from an increased range of playback speeds from 0.25 to 4x. Perfect for dialing in the sweet spot between speed and comprehensibility
  • Advance frame by frame or fast-forward/rewind through the asset at speed. Our player controls make navigating the media a breeze
  • View time in the format of your choice, frames, timestamps, or timecodes…time is yours to manipulate!
  • Change the volume directly in-app. No more messing with OS volume controls when you want to take things down from 11
  • Seamless and pixel-perfect zooming and panning on PDFs and images however page by page navigation is still there for PDF folks who prefer to jump straight to a specific page

Blog-Feature-KeyboardShortcuts [v1]

Power features

  • Keyboard shortcut list has been updated. Too many to mention but a special shout out to ‘JKL’ users whose muscle memory struggled with our previous alternatives :-)
  • You want to jump to 10% of the way through a video? Press 1. 50%? Press 5
  • We encourage you to explore! Our shortcuts are designed to be intuitive, and familiar from other apps and workflows you might be used to!

All this and more

Of course, you also get all the goodness from our recent releases too. Enhanced Closed Caption support, Dark Mode, and more!

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