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See edits and feedback side by side in the new compare media update

Wipster's version comparison feature just had an upgrade making comparing edits and feedback across...

Exciting updates to the Wipster desktop platform - new reviewer experience.

We’ve given the reviewer experience a major makeover, adding some oft-requested features, enhancing...

New Features: Wipster Adds Closed Captions

Wipster launched closed captions adding to the recent new features added to the platform.

New Features: The biggest update to Wipster since we first released Wipster.

We’ve brought you an all-new approval system, enhanced password protection, shareable links and a...

New Features: HD, responsive video, fullscreen review and redesigned comments

We’ve focused on iterating and improving the parts of Wipster we think matter the most over the...

Make, share and store more video using Wipster

Announcing UPdated Features Including: workflow, publishing, storage, and analytics tools

Our Plans: More Storage, More Visibility, and More Security

Team allows for more storage and visibility across all creative projects within your company, no...

The Changing Face of Post-Production: Decentralization, Collaboration, and New Technologies

The days of having one centralized hub for all post production needs appear to be numbered. The...