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New Features - Comment Focus mode, enhanced to-do list, and a new version switcher

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We’ve doubled-down to optimize some of the most important features in Wipster to make your video review and approval workflow even easier.

Comment Focus mode

Get your focus on! Our new Focus mode allows you to work through comments in a clean, uncluttered environment directly from the review screen. Click on the focus button to bring your comment stream right off the video into the forefront of your workspace. From there you can process all your feedback without ever leaving Focus mode.

Also, long comment streams will automatically condense, ensuring your screen isn’t taken over with all that great feedback coming in.

Enhanced to-do list

Wipster’s beautiful to-do list displays all the information you need. Each comment now includes an auto-generated screenshot for quick reference. Best of all the to-do list can be reformatted with one-click into a printable version, perfect for analog types, or to take along to a client meeting - but remember to think about the trees!

Version switcher

Effortlessly switch between every version of the video directly from the review screen, click the arrow and BAM!, select whatever version you like. Easily toggle back and forth between versions to make sure to-dos are completed and be more confident that your latest version really is the final cut.

Enhanced downloader

When the time comes to deliver the goods, Wipster’s downloader now gives you access to all available video encodings, including the video thumbnail. You can quickly and easily grab whatever encodings fit your purpose.

What’s in the pipeline?

We’re hard at work here at Wipster HQ ensuring we deliver the features to make your team and client collaboration a joy. We have some big announcements coming in the next few months, so stay tuned.

New in this release

  • New Focus mode to easily review and process feedback
  • All video versions are now accessible from the review screen
  • All video encodings can now be downloaded from the review screen
  • Redesigned icons
  • Wipster now has it’s very own custom scrollbar (no more browser specifics)
  • Comments automatically truncate when they reach a certain length
  • Attaching images in comments is now more reliable
  • To-do list redesign and review screen restructure
  • Redesigned print layout for the to-do list
  • Screenshots are now viewable in the to-do list
  • Comments are now editable in the to-do list
  • Comments can be liked in the to-do list
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements

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