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The Changing Face of Post-Production: Decentralization, Collaboration, and New Technologies

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The days of having one centralized hub for all post production needs appear to be numbered. The last ten years have seen an explosion in post-production technologies and there are more ways to edit, store and share digital video as well as connect with other professionals than ever before.

All this change leaves us with a few questions. What technologies and tools are making the post-production world a better place? What important ‘old-school’ ways of working are we losing? And how can we stay ahead of the technological curve?

Join Wipster and Pond5 as we discuss the challenges and triumphs of this revolutionary age of post-production. During this exclusive 60 minute webinar, we will share insights on the past, present and future of post-production, provide tools, workflow and resources you need to use today, and explore what it means to be a post-production professional in this rapidly changing industry.

Ask the speakers questions, chat with other video makers, and be a part of Wipster’s ongoing webinar series. There will also be prizes to giveaway to live viewers on the day.

Creative directors, producers, account managers, founders, editors - anyone who runs their own production company or is passionate about creating successful videos for business - this webinar is for you!

Numbers are limited, so register today and join us on the 5th of October 3.30PM [EDT] for this special event.


Edit: Thanks to all those who joined us on the day - the recording is here if you missed it!

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