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See edits and feedback side by side in the new compare media update

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Wipster's version comparison feature just had an upgrade making comparing edits and feedback across versions of your media easier than ever.

It now supports all media types, video, images, PFD documents and audio files, too.

Navigate feedback and check off tasks.

Use the comments list or playbar to skip through stakeholder feedback. Check any edits made match their requests and check off the tasks once you’re happy. Copy over any that aren’t complete. 



Create, edit and reply to comments whilst comparing versions

You can create your own comments on either version of the media while comparing versions side by side. You can also reply to existing comments exactly as you would when viewing a single version.



Compare all media types

Compare versions of your images, PDF and audio files too. Why should video have all the fun?
We keep both versions synchronized as you play, pan and zoom so your edits are easy to spot.



Where to find it

You’ll find all this goodness as part of our new review tools.
Simply login to your Wipster team, open your media file and head to the version dropdown at the top left of the media page.
Choose 'Compare versions' and select the two you want to compare. Easy!


As with all our new features we’d be delighted if you’d take them for a spin and let us know what you think. 

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