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How to reduce video editing time and make your clients happy

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Video and workflow tips from Premiere Gal.

If you work with video, you more than likely need to send off your videos for review. From editors, to producers, shreditors, and even YouTubers, needing feedback and sign-off from clients, sponsors, or stakeholders can get a bit messy. You send the first cut off via email, and then they write back with a huge, confusing list of edit points that seem impossible to keep track of version after version. There has to be a better way!

Luckily, there IS a better way, thanks to Wipster.

Watch Premiere Gal’s video below, learn how Wipster can seriously speed up your video workflow.


Speed up you video workflow:

  • Securely share videos with your clients or sponsors and get pin-point feedback directly on top of the video

  • Check off that feedback with an automated to-do list

  • Use Wipster’s Adobe Premiere Pro integration to upload your latest edit and receive feedback and marked edits from inside your timeline

  • Keep every edit neatly stacked and organised in one shared workspace

  • And if you have the Business Plan, you can even upload videos direct from Wipster to your favorite social media platform.

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