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Upload, Share, Review & Publish with the Wipster Free Plan

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Nobody likes the client review process. From exporting from your editing software to uploading to YouTube with private links to waiting for unclear notes in an email from the client that you have to decipher back in your editing software and then rinse and repeat. Barf.

Wipster has made the client review process much easier and recently, made it more accessible than ever with an all-new free plan. This is not a trial, it’s a fully functional free plan that lasts forever and not only make your review process easier, but can take the place of a more expensive Vimeo Pro plan (which offers an inferior review process).

What’s great about the new free Wipster plan is how few limits are placed on the free plan. It’s an excellent option for individuals and fledging smaller production companies as they build up their services and clientele. Let’s go through the workflow for a brand new subscriber of the free plan.

First off, you’ve got to sign up for the plan itself, which you can do here. After establishing your account, you’ll see in your settings that you have 5 GB of storage space, which is enough for around an hour of high quality HD H.264 files you can store for review. 


You can also immediately tack on a second “seat” or team member to the plan, which is great if you have a two-person production team.

From there, uploading videos to Wipster is incredibly easy. From your Wipster portal, you can either directly upload from your drive, or connect to various cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive to instantly transport your video to Wipster, bypassing tedious re-uploading.


Your video will take a short time to transcode. Afterwards, you can begin sharing for review by clicking the (duh) Share button.


Adobe users have a nice boost here as Wipster has a dedicated plugin panel for Premiere Pro and After Effects making the workflow even more efficient and seamless. Users of the software never have to leave the app to upload their timelines to Wipster! Pick up the plugin here!

From the reviewer’s point of view, they’ll get an email with a link to view the video (no signup needed on their end). Adding comments is literally as easy for them as hitting play, watching the video and clicking on a frame to pause the video to start typing. Not only is the timecode of the comment recorded, so is the physical spot the viewer clicked on in the event they wanted to point out a specific spot in a shot they’re commenting on.

The free plan offers limitless reviews and comments so you can get as many eyeballs on your video as needed. The only tiny limitation here is that streaming previews on the free plan are limited to 540p rather than 1080p, which usually isn’t a huge concern for approvals and comments. To get 1080p, you need to upgrade to Team.



Adobe users get yet another little perk here as reviewer comments can be synced directly back into their Premiere and After Effects timelines as markers! 

Once you’ve reviewed comments and perhaps uploaded another version (or 12, depending on the client), and the client has officially hit the Approval button, you don’t have to waste time with another upload process to Vimeo or other video hosting & social platforms, like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. After a one time connection to your Vimeo account (found here), simply click on the Publish button on your video’s page and you can immediately share your video to Vimeo! 


In the end, regardless of your editing software of choice, Wipster’s new free plan is an amazing workflow enhancement for any smaller production outfit looking for a method to make the often-painful review process more streamlined and get your video to Vimeo all from one spot. And this post couldn’t even cover a ton of other cool stuff that Wipster can do, including various media asset management tools, the ability to review images, audio, and PDFs, and more!

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