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Collaborating with Premiere Productions and Wipster

Adobe Productions and Wipster Review across all projects

How Mograph Mastermind Utilizes Wipster to Improve Motion Design Skills

Motion Hatch is an online learning hub for freelance motion graphic designers and animators created...

How to reduce video editing time and make your clients happy

Video and workflow tips from Premiere Gal.

If you work with video, you more than likely need to...

The evolution of collaborative video editing software

Video production has evolved over the past few years, and as a result, individuals, teams and...

Wipster for video teams: how to work better, together

Creating video is a team job. From briefing and brainstorming with a client to shooting, post,...

Wipster + Adobe After Effects: A Revolution in Collaboration

What if After Effects was more than just your go-to compositing, motion graphics and...